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Your Highland Park Gutter Cleaning Specialists

Gutter cleaning

In Highland Park, a clean gutter is a happy gutter! When they're clogged, you can't go wrong by hiring a pro for gutter cleaning. After all, if debris is in the way, the water can't properly be redirected from exterior surfaces.

Keep your gutters flowing like they should by hitting up Powerwash Plus for professional gutter cleaning in Highland Park.

Clean Gutters Prevent Exterior Surface Damage

Unless your roof has large overhangs, chances are you have a gutter system. They're specifically designed to redirect water away from your home's exteriors, and even interiors.

We may not think about gutter cleaning often, if at all. Until that is, signs that they aren't functioning well due to obstacles become visible. These signs include:

  • Leaky roof
  • Water and rust stains along the siding
  • Gutter cracked or sagging
  • Water running over the top of gutters
  • Water not emerging from the downspout
  • Water damage present on interior walls and ceilings

Routine gutter cleaning by skilled professionals can help prevent those scenarios from happening!

Gutter Cleaning Makes Your Home Less Desirable For Unwanted Guests

We love birds, but we don't want them nesting in rain gutters. Why? Because their nests can obstruct water flow. Don't worry, we won't harm the birds or their offspring during the gutter cleaning process.

While birds don't necessarily fit into the "unwanted guest" category, the following most certainly do:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Cockroaches

Rodents, insects, and arachnids are big fans of gutter debris. Leaves, twigs, and sticks provide a comfy and cozy place for them to reside. Clogged rain gutters also provide those critters with food and water.

Our gutter cleaning technicians will clean out the debris for you. Your water will flow properly, and those unwanted guests will not find them so enticing. Look to Powerwash Plus when it comes to pressure washing for Highland Park!

Pressure Wash Your Gutters Inside And Out

Our superb pressure washing techs won't just clear the clutter from your gutters, they'll make them shine from the inside, out.

We use soft washing for roof cleaning and other delicate exterior surfaces. We'll do the same when it comes to exterior washing for gutters.

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