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Lake County's Most Trusted Pressure Washing Services

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When you think of premium pressure washing in Lake County, we hope you'll think of Powerwash Plus. We've earned our impeccable reputation by providing service excellence, right down to the free quote we offer. There's only one tried and true industry specialist in the area that promises safe but effective cleaning, and that's us!

We use pressure washing when that's the best method or soft washing when a job requires more care. Either way, we get the job done while exceeding your expectations.

We deliver curb appeal and then some. However, keeping your home's exterior in good condition is the primary goal. Our exterior cleaning will help ensure longevity and reduce repair needs for siding, gutters, roofing, and more.

We leave behind a spotless, streak-free exterior you can practically see your reflection in. The sooner you call us for service, the better off your Lake County home or business will be.

Lake County's Preferred Company For High-Quality Pressure Washing

Every Lake County homeowner should have one main objective: keep the place in tip-top shape! Your home is your biggest and most important investment and taking care of it is your #1 job. Sure, it helps that pressure washing also helps improve curb appeal, but protecting your home from the elements is the primary goal.

Unfortunately, some homeowners procrastinate too long when it's time to schedule their exterior cleaning. Others make the erroneous decision to hire an inferior company or try to DIY the work. We know you're better than that; you're a savvy homeowner and a wise consumer, and you're calling us to take care of pressure washing services like deck cleaning, fence washing, gutter cleaning, rust removal, and more!

Put an end to the contaminants collecting on the outside of your Lake County home by calling our experts to fight the good fight.

Roof Cleaning As Optimal Protection For Your Lake County Home

We want to help you get the professional care you need for your roofing system. Powerwash Plus is the preferred resource in Lake County for roof cleaning that goes above and beyond. Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, and our work helps keep it in the best shape possible.

Our roof cleaning process is not pressure washing; we use cleaning solutions to get your roof clean instead of potentially damaging it with high-pressure water spray. It's time to contact us in Lake County to schedule your pressure washing or roof cleaning today.

Our Latest Projects

Property Soft Wash in Lake Bluff, IL Image

Property Soft Wash in Lake Bluff, IL

Powerwash Plus soft washed this 100+ year old house and privacy wall, revitalizing the property and making it shine again! Our softwash process removed years of organic growth buildup leaving the surfaces clean as can be without damaging anything in the process. […]

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House Wash in Waukegan, IL Image

House Wash in Waukegan, IL

We soft-washed the exterior of this home, cleaning the organic staining, dirt and grime accumulated over time. Leaving the home clean as can be! […]

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House Wash and Concrete Cleaning in Kenosha, WI Image

House Wash and Concrete Cleaning in Kenosha, WI

We cleaned the stucco around the whole house and retaining wall in this project, using low pressure on the delicate stucco paired with bio-degradable cleaning detergents, leaving the home clean as can be! We also cleaned the rear patio and the surrounding concrete on the house. […]

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