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Debunking Four Common Pressure Washing Myths

Debunking four common pressure washing myths

There are many misconceptions and myths floating around about pressure washing. We've decided to shed some light on the truth behind them. Read on below to see our debunking of these common pressure washing myths.

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Myth #1: Pressure Washing Works On Any Surface

Fact: Pressure washing gets its name from the fact that it uses high water pressure to penetrate dirt and remove stubborn stains and grime. While traditional pressure washing is excellent for most surfaces, like concrete or metal, it's not for every area! For softer spots around your property, such as wood, vinyl, or shingles, you'll want to use something gentler, like soft washing.

Soft washing is the act of turning down the water pressure on the equipment and adding special soaps into the mix. This creates a potent solution that can remove even the most stubborn grime from delicate areas, like your roof or siding.

Myth #2: Soft Washing Soaps Are Dangerous

Fact: The soaps that we use in soft washing are great at removing stubborn grime, but there's a misconception that they're harmful to humans, pets, or the environment. You can rest assured knowing that our soft washing soaps are eco-friendly and unlikely to cause harm to your property, your home, or your loved ones.

Myth #3: Pressure Washing Is Easy To Do By Yourself!

Fact: Many homeowners tend to underestimate pressure washing and think they can handle it on their own with a pressure washer they bought or rented at their local home improvement store. The fact of the matter is that it's actually very difficult and tedious work. Rather than trying to handle pressure washing on your own, it'd be in your best interest to hire a professional service, such as Powerwash Plus, to take care of it for you. We have the experience and equipment necessary to deliver the best possible results.

Myth #4: Professional Pressure Washing Is Expensive

Fact: Professional pressure washing may seem very costly at first, but once you factor in the expenses of owning and maintaining your own equipment, plus the time and effort it takes to handle your own pressure washing, you'll be surprised! It's better for you financially to hire a professional pressure washing company to address any and all of your pressure washing tasks, whether it's house washing, roof cleaning, gutter brightening, or anything else!

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